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Duty equipment of security guards

by DutyGear

Duty equipment is something that can differ so much even within the same job, that one might wonder whether it is the same job or not. The job of security guards is one where duty equipment shows a wide degree of variation.

The job of security guards is not a complete law enforcement job as that of the police. Still, it is a job that does have some similarities to the duties that police discharge. The similarities in the job rest mainly on the duties and the duty equipment that the two groups use. Both security guards and police have got to safeguard people and property, and prevent illegal activity, and to that extent both groups use duty equipment that is similar. Still, the duty equipment of different groups of security guards could be very different.

Casco 16At the simplest level, security guards could be unarmed and they may be posted in a position of limited mobility near the gate. They may not be having any duty equipment worth the name at all, and might even have to use their bare hands if someone attempts to trespass. In many instances checking employees and visitors for necessary identification tags before entering the building post such unarmed security guards for access control at the gate. However, in some instances, even completely unarmed security guards may have duty equipment in the form of phones, radios, or other communication equipment with which they can alert the owners, or the police, on spotting some suspicious activity.

Binoculars and night vision goggles could also form part of the duty equipment of unarmed security guards posted on night duty, based upon the extent of the area they are expected to safeguard. Another type of duty equipment some unarmed security guards may have is first aid kit. This is because many security guards have the training to work as first responders to medical emergencies in the area that they are guarding. They may also have pads, pens, and other writing material in the form of duty equipment to take notes or provide detailed reports to their employers.

Armed security guards are a far cry from unarmed security guards, and many of them have the right to use non-lethal weapons like batons or pepper spray, that form their duty equipment, against intruders or for self defense.  They may not have the right to make arrests on their own choice, but could make an arrest upon the order of a police officer. Handcuffs will be a part of the duty equipment of such security guards who have the authority to make an arrest upon the request of a law enforcement agent.

Then there are fully armed security guards who might have all the power of the police within the area that they are assigned to protect. Their duty equipment will be quite similar to the duty equipment of the police, and could include baton, gun, holster, handcuffs, helmets, body armor, and forensic kits, besides routine communication equipment. Because of the increasing threat of terrorism pervading the world today, many security officers are trained in defusing explosive devices, and so bomb disposal equipment may also be part of their duty equipment.

Even dogs trained to do protective jobs like looking after cattle, or rescuing lost travelers, have their duty equipment.  For example, dogs trained by army or police have bullet proof vests as their duty equipment which they don while operating in sensitive areas.